Unattended Automatic Truck Axle Scale

Unattended automatic truck axle scale system. This truck axle scale comes with our USA made digital indicator, USA made large remote display, printer, all cables and 2 weighing platforms with ramps. This system is completely automatic meaning your driver can weigh trucks by axle or axle groups without any assistance from an onsite operator. Full scoreboard alerts the drive when to stop and go as well as shows truck axle weights and total truck weights. After the truck is weighed the driver can pick up a printout from the printer of all axle weights, truck weigh, time and date.  All weighments are automatically printed and total truck weigh is calculated. This scales gives you the ability to weigh 24/7!

Automatic Unattended Truck Axle Scale

This customer added conduit protection to the cables.  This is an optional step and not necessary.