Data Logging Indicator with Drum Scale Platform

Our customer was in need of a scale system that could record weight for a greenhouse column study aimed at examining the role of trees in stormwater management via Bioretention.

data logger utk

The scales will be used to record the weight change of each column over time to determine the amount of water exiting the system by way of evaporation. We set the data logger to capture weight at a specific interval so they could assess the difference.

data logger and drum scale

Indicator made in the USA – Paired with 2,000 lb drum scale platform – 110v power

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Data Logging Indicators

Overview: Biortetention is a common green infrastructure practice that utilizes natural soil processes as well as microbial and plant assimilation/uptake processes to remove pollutants from stormwater. In this study, they will identify the function that trees can have in these systems by constructing bioretention columns planted with various tree species in a greenhouse and applying a synthetic stormwater mixture to each tree. After each treatment, the water quality of the effluent collected from each column will be analyzed to compare the pollutant removal performance between species.  The hope to demonstrate that trees can have large contributions to runoff reduction and stormwater treatment via green infrastructure in urban landscapes, which have both been a particular focus of numerous urban areas with inclusion of stormwater pollutant discharges in the EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program.